Kids & Family


  • Bring your kids any time we are open to the public to Freestyle at the Paint Bar.; You pick from packages ranging from $11 - $26 and can select from several inspirational choices at the studio for a self-served option. Share your idea with our staff to help you get set up and inspire you along the way!

  • We also offer fun, instructor lead classes in the afternoon on Saturday's and Sunday's for a special family rate or $26/person for any age. These classes are open for anyone but are geared more toward younger children and families.

  • Children younger than 12 years old are also welcome to attend any of the other classes at that rate as well! You will have to call in to register for this discount if your child is 12 or younger.

  • Last but not least, Birthday Parties are such a BIG hit with the kids. You may bring all the party favors, cake, balloons and celebrate while you paint. You can choose any of our package options and we will help you create your own paint party plan. You have the option to have your own area set up with the studio open to the public or you can rent the venue for your party. The paint parties are great memories for the kids to cherish!

  • Bring your children in for a cultural experience with Studio Cellar today!