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Click on the event that you'd like to attend and sign up right there! On the day of class, arrive about 30 minutes early to get your seats & order your drinks! Class may start a little late as people tend to trickle in. Check in at the Paint Bar when you get to here. If you have a large group, call in to reserve with a deposit. No refunds after purchase. If something comes up 24 hours before class, we can re-schedule your reservation. Just send us an email through the contact us tab so we have your request on file. Street and garage parking available.

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  • June - 2019
9:00 AM


Sign up here for full week regritration. Click on Kids Tab to download Information Packet and Sigh Up Release form. *******************Artist’s Camp Week includes all supplies and projects, 1 T-shirt, digital creative picture, fine art paintings, mosaics, sculpture, and more! Artists will participate in an art instillation collaboration with all the students as well as put on their very own public Art Exhibition at the end of the week. Artists will be divided by their ages for some activities. Classes will be organized with hands-on lessons and rotating stations where they will be producing Fine Art, learning about history’s notable artist and applying different artistic styles. We will teach your child tools to use for becoming an independent artist as well as discuss the different options for an artist to make a living from their talents. Your child’s strengths will be identified on a report to help you cultivate the success of your artist as well! *********************Ignite your child's imagination, nurture their self-expression and develop culture with us at Studio Cellar’s Artist’s Camp week. Weather your child is into art or not, Artist's Camp Week will be a blast of creativity, development and experiences. ********************* Additional Activities Include: Dream catcher making, Wind chimes, Robot building, Creative Jewelry making, String pulling art, Stamp making, Abstract conditioning, Geometric design, Found object sculpture, Elements of Design exploration, Color mixing, Mural painting, ************************** Bring your own Lunch. 1 Juice, Water and 1 snack will be provided in the afternoon. Pizza will be provided on Friday.