Freestyle To-Go Kits

Use the drop down to select your Freestyle package size. Include which painting design you would like and the deadline date for pickup in the Notes section of your Cart.


  • Choose your inspiration- You may use the Gallery tab to explore ideas for your painting design or if you already know, just include your idea in the Notes section at checkout.
  • Select canvass sizes from the drop down selection below. $35- 10x10 $37- 12x16, $39- 16x20
  • Kits include all that you need to complete your own painting- Pre sketched canvas/instructions, custom paint, brushes for you to keep, paint pallet, apron, watercup, sketch pencil, and towels for dabbing excess water off the brushes.
  • Be sure to include your pick up deadline date and which painting design you would like for us to set up in the Notes section of your Cart.

To-Go Kit Drop off

  • For confirmed purchases- We will drop off your kit by the date and time you provide during checkout. Our temp pick up station is 1001 Washington St in the conference room on the 2nd floor. Go upstairs and the pick up room is the first door on the right. Your name will be on your order.